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Discover advanced options such as Electric Storage Water Heater Systems, Gas Storage Water Heaters, and Solar Water Heaters within our comprehensive range. Trust Water Design Technology to deliver unparalleled solutions for your residential hot water needs, ensuring both comfort and efficiency.

1. Electric Storage Water Heater Systems: Electric storage water heaters efficiently heat and store water, ensuring a readily available supply. These systems leverage electricity to warm the water, providing a reliable and convenient solution for residential and commercial needs. With various sizes and capacities, electric storage water heaters cater to diverse requirements.

2. Gas Storage Water Heaters:  Using natural gas or propane, gas storage water heaters heat and store water efficiently. Known for their rapid heating capabilities, these systems are ideal for high-demand situations. With efficient energy conversion, gas storage water heaters offer an effective solution for consistent hot water supply, making them popular in both residential and commercial settings.

3. Solar Water Heaters:  Utilizing solar energy, Solar water heaters offer an environmentally friendly and sustainable method for water heating. These systems utilize solar collectors to absorb sunlight and transfer heat to the water, reducing dependence on traditional energy sources. Solar water heaters are an excellent choice for environmentally conscious individuals and businesses aiming to minimize their carbon footprint.

Nova Solar Heat Pumps in Gujarat

Nova Solar Heat Pumps in Gujarat

Experience the NOVA SOLAR Heat Pump Water Heater – a seamlessly integrated system that leverages cutting-edge heat pump technology for an energy-efficient water heating solution. Operating within a temperature range of -50°C to +45°C, the NSHP adeptly extracts heat from the surrounding air, subsequently transferring it to the tank with minimal electricity consumption. The result? Instant hot water and the added benefit of cooler, dehumidified air as a valuable by-product.

Nova Solar Heat Pumps

The heating process of the tank water is facilitated by the refrigerant through conduction, transferring heat from the condenser coil to the water inside the tank.

The NOVA SOLAR Heat Pump follows a continuous cycle, transforming refrigerants (R134A/R410A/R417A/R407C/R22) between gas and liquid states. It harnesses solar energy from the ambient air, combining it with electrical energy consumed by the compressor to generate the total heating capacity, accumulating in the water storage tank.

Within the system, the evaporator acts as an air-refrigerant heat exchanger, causing the refrigerant to vaporize at low pressure and temperature. This initiates heat transfer from air to refrigerant. The vaporized refrigerant then enters the compressor, where both pressure and temperature rise.

Moving from the compressor to the condenser (refrigerant-water), the vaporized, high-temperature steam undergoes heat transfer once more, this time from the refrigerant to the water. The refrigerant transitions back to a liquid state under high pressure.

After passing through the expansion valve, the refrigerant reverts to its basic form, restarting the cycle. This continual circuit persists until the water temperature in the storage tank reaches the predetermined set point on the thermostat controller.

Nova Solar Heat Pump



  • Harvesting heat from the nearby air, conveys warmth to the water, providing simultaneous cooling and dehumidification of the surrounding air.
  • We utilize the environmentally friendly R134A refrigerant, known for zero ozone depletion and a GWP of around 1300.
  • Consuming only a quarter of the electricity compared to conventional heaters, guarantees increased efficiency and reduced operating costs, resulting in substantial savings for homeowners.


  • Efficient Compressor Technology

The Copland scroll ZR/ZW series compressor is specially designed for heating and cooling applications, offering a high level of efficiency. As an internationally acclaimed brand, this compressor ensures reliable system compatibility and operates quietly.

  • Smart Defrosting Feature (Optional)

Opt for the intelligent defrosting design to address challenges faced by heat exchangers during cold winters, such as frosting and slow heating. This innovative feature revolutionizes the winter experience, providing a more comfortable and efficient heating solution.




  • Enhanced Protection with Dual Thermostats Incorporation of a
  • High-Temperature Limit Switch
  • Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve for added safety
  • Complete separation of Refrigerant and Water, utilizing rectangular copper strips in the condenser Capability to
  • heat water up to 60°C in heat pump mode, effectively preventing Legionella bacteria Comprehensive protection measures include
  • Compressor Overheating Protection,
  • High and Low Voltage Protection
  • Refrigerant Leakage Protection, and
  • High-Pressure and Low-Pressure Gas Protection Switches.


  • Utilizing Scroll technology from Copeland compressors equipped with a crankcase heater specifically designed for cold regions.
  • The gas piping system and control mechanisms are meticulously designed to ensure the stability of air source heat pumps in both lower and higher ambient temperature conditions.




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