Zero Liquid Discharge Plant in Gujarat

zero liquid discharge


  • Decreases wastewater volume, leading to cost savings in waste management.
  • Minimizes water discharge, reducing environmental impact.
  • Mitigates various environmental concerns.
  • Optimizes water reclamation.
  • On-site water recycling diminishes water intake and meets treatment requirements.
  • Lessens reliance on local water supplies.

Zero Liquid Discharge  Plant in Gujarat

Zero Liquid Discharge – ZLD plant Gujarat is an innovative and environmentally sustainable wastewater treatment process that goes beyond traditional methods.

Unlike conventional wastewater treatment systems, ZLD doesn’t just clean and release water into the environment; it aims to recover and reuse almost all the water, leaving behind almost no liquid waste.

Water Design Technologies will be your go-to source for exclusive wastewater treatability and feasibility studies, with a clear objective of achieving Zero Liquid Discharge in Gujarat.

Our comprehensive solutions encompass everything from design and engineering to supply, erection, and commissioning of Zero Liquid Discharge systems.

When it comes to the success of a biological treatment system, it hinges on a few key factors.

  • First, robust primary chemical treatment operations are crucial for detoxifying the influent wastewater.
  • Second, the effective segregation of toxic effluents plays a pivotal role.
  • Lastly, one can achieve success through the adoption of bioremediation, bio-augmentation, or bio-stimulation methods.

Now, in the case of a reverse osmosis (RO) plant for organic wastewater recycling, its performance is contingent on the presence of divalent and recalcitrant organic chemicals in the treated wastewater.

Furthermore, the technical viability of Zero Liquid Discharge schemes relies heavily on two factors: the crystallization characteristics of rejects and the specific thermal energy consumption within the evaporation system.

These intricacies are what we at Water Design Technologies excel at, ensuring that your water treatment processes are as effective as possible.

Our ZLD solutions in Gujarat lie in their commitment to minimizing water waste by employing advanced techniques like evaporation, crystallization, and other technologies to extract the maximum value from wastewater. 

 Zero Liquid Discharge Service in Gujarat includes the following aspects:

  • Analyzing the wastewater streams for potential separation.
  • Determining the plant’s shock-load capacity and individual treatment unit capabilities.
  • Investigating ways to reduce organic and inorganic pollutant levels in the ETP.
  • Enhancing ETP performance using cutting-edge engineering and biological methods.
  • Implementing bio-augmentation products for better ETP performance during extreme conditions.
  • Finding solutions to stabilize and minimize biological sludge from the ETP.
  • Proposing an upgraded Effluent Treatment Plant operation, including maintenance and monitoring.
  • Creating a comprehensive Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system with guaranteed benefits.
  • Developing initial engineering plans.
  • Preparing a detailed techno-economic feasibility report.
  • Characterizing wastewater streams, including flow rates, chemical and biological properties, and load patterns.
  • Assessing the biological treatability of individual streams through bench-scale studies to optimize the biological system.