Residential Water Softener

residential water softner


  • It improves the mineral content balance of the water
  •  Removes toxins such as ferrous iron
  •  Lowers costs of appliance repairs and unnecessary replacements
  •  Makes laundry and general cleaning easier

Residential Water Softener

You can trust the experts at Water Design Technologies in Surat, Gujarat, to provide you with a real water softener Plant in Gujarat, that you will love, not some salt-free fictional one that doesn’t soften the water. With a water softener from water design technologies, you will use up to 75% less soap, and save up to 30% on water heating costs while protecting your plumbing and appliances. It will make your clothes whiter and brighter, and of course, it makes cleaning a breeze. You eliminate spots, streaks, and scum on showers and fixtures as well, and one of the best parts is that you have spot-free dishes and silverware.

You know that price is important when you are shopping for a water softener, but even more important are four other factors:

  • Efficiency – Our Softeners use up to 75% less water and salt
  • Warranty – Many of our softeners have more than double the warranty of other softeners
  • Support – Water Design Technology’s Legendary Technical Support after the sale is unparalleled in our industry
  • Technology ‐ Our Technology is simple and gives you total control over your water softener