Gas Storage Water Heater

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  • High temperature resistant inner coating to prevent corrosion
  • High-quality thermal insulation minimizes heat loss and keeps water warm for a long period of time
  • The gas supply is cut off immediately if the pilot flame is extinguished either by the operator or by accident
  • The main burner is ignited immediately once the water temperature falls below the preset level and shuts off as soon as the desired temperature is reached
  • Built-in gas pressure regulator ensures uniform gas flow, under all conditions
  • 50 to 1000 ltrs. capacity available

Gas Storage Water Heater

Water Design Technologies in Gujarat expands beyond the conventional, advancing from traditional to high-efficiency tank-type gas water heaters. Our range of gas water heaters, a part of our Residential Hot Water Solutions, stands as a testament to innovation and performance. Designed to cater to every family’s lifestyle and budget, our collection strikes the ideal balance between efficiency, features, and dependable hot water delivery, ensuring lasting comfort for years ahead.

Heavy capacity storage of Gas Storage Water Heater

  1. Capacity – 114 Ltr, Kw input – 9.4, Dimension ( mm ) – H 1502 x D 406, Gas type – NG/LPG, Water connection – 3/4″, Gas connection – 1/2″
  2. Capacity – 151 Ltr, Kw input – 11.7, Dimension ( mm ) – H 1508 x D 457, Gas type – NG/LPG, Water connection – 3/4″, Gas connection – 1/2″
  3. Capacity – 189 Ltr, Kw input – 11.7, Dimension ( mm ) – H 1514 x D 508, Gas type – NG/LPG, Water connection – 3/4″, Gas connection – 1/2″


Product Capacity

114 Ltr / 151 Ltr / 189 Ltr

Product Features

Benchmark Storage Gas Geysers ICON intelligent gas control with built in piezo igniter, No need external electricity, Microprocessor constantly monitors advanced temperature control system, Advanced screenLok technology flame arrestor design, Vitraglass enamel steel inner tank for Hard water, Factory installed Hydrojet total performance system, 25mm non CFC foam insulation, T & P relief valve, Low restriction brass drain valve, Resettable thermal switch, Protective magnesium anode rod, ISO 9001-2008 standard, Made in America.

Product Warranty

6 Year on tank & 1 Year on parts.

Product Ideal For

Residential – 3 to 5 Bathroom shower/ Shower panel.

Product Color


Product Dimension

151 Ltr 50×20 inches

189 Ltr – 60x20 inches