Residential Water Level Automation

residential water automation

Water Automation Systems

The determined professionals at our end, bring to our valued customers a quality product, the Water Automation Systems. These products are made from best-in-industry quality raw materials acquired from trusted vendors and thus maintain the international standard in their operation. The Water Automation Systems we provide also have the following types of systems, Multiple Tanks Automation Systems, Multiple Building Water Automation, Single multiple automation, Automatic Off Pump, and Manual On Auto Off from India.

Some of the Salient Features are:

  • Suitable for Any type of Water Pump
  • When the Water Tank Level goes down, the pump turns ON automatically
  • When the Water Tank gets empty, the pump turns OFF automatically
  • Microcontroller-based system engineered for household and industrial water pumps for Boring (1-Phase / 3-Phase Pump)
  • Including Rust-free Magnetic Sensors
  • Manufactured in Electric Shock-proof Plastic body
  • Detects water level at overhead water tank
  • Water level indicator (4-level) for overhead water tank
  • Hassle-free Simple Installation
  • Suitable for up to 2 HP* water pumps (1-phase) and up to 20 HP* water pumps (3-phase)
  • Engineered for water pumps with Single Switch Panel as well as Double Push Button Panel
  • Operation based on 220V AC as well as 12V DC
  • Conventional switching operations of water pump hold good
  • Maintenance free system