Wilo-FireSet UL FM

Wilo FireSet UL FM

For the flexible design of fire-extinguishing systems.

Fire Fighting Pump in Gujarat with its certified, modular components, the NFPA-compliant fire-extinguishing system Wilo-FireSet UL FM enables maximum flexibility for your design. The robust, reliable pumps with axially split housings can be used in a wide field of applications. Their compact design on a universal baseplate also facilitates transport, installation, and maintenance. The system equipped with a control unit allows for a configuration that is tailored to your requirements thanks to its modularity.


Certified, modular pump set according to NFPA standards for the highest level of design flexibility

• Robust pumps with axially split housing up to 2500 GPM and 260 psi for a wide field of applications and long service life

• Compact design on a universal baseplate for easy transport, installation, and maintenance

• Power reserve for a high level of safety

• Modularity enables a configuration tailored to individual requirements

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