Nova Solar Heat Pumps in Gujarat

Heater pump

Nova Solar Het Pumps Applications

The Nova Solar heat pumps are designed to fulfill hot water and house heating needs across diverse settings, including villas, residences, schools, factories, hotels, hospitals, spa centers, sauna facilities, greenhouses, flower gardens, farms, and more.

  • Financially savvy

  • All-season comfort

  • Less maintenance

  • Reduce carbon emissions

  • Hot water anytime, anywhere

  • Long life span

  • Lower running costs

  • Better safety.

  • Provides cooling.

  • Eligible for the RHI scheme

Heat Pump

Introducing our innovative Heat Pump technology, a groundbreaking solution for efficient hot water systems in Gujarat. As a key component of our Residential Hot Water Solutions, the Heat Pump utilizes advanced technology to extract and amplify heat from the air, providing a sustainable and energy-efficient means of heating water for your home. Enjoy consistent hot water while minimizing environmental impact with this cutting-edge addition to your residential heating system in Gujarat.

At Water Design Technologies, we constantly strive to use the latest heat pump technology to achieve efficiency and reliability, and that’s what we’re known for.

Imagine a device that not only heats or cools your space but does so with a green conscience.

And here’s where our experience really shines, and we’ve teamed up with Nova Solar Italy pioneers in sustainable energy to bring you the climate control of the future.

Our Heat Pumps redefines the game by seamlessly using ambient energy, turning it into a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for your heating and cooling needs.

Together with providing the best possible comfort, Nova Solar Italy‘s partnership with Water Design Technologies guarantees that you will leave the least possible environmental impact.

Technical data

  • Heat pump output capacity – 16,19,32, 39, 45,56 kW
  • Rated power 380 V / 50 Hz
  • three-phase rated power input 4.28,5.8,8.55,11.8 and 13.65 kW
  • Heating capacity 200 to 2050 ltr per/hr
  • Water connection 3/4″ to 2″
  • Max water temp. 55 C
  • Operating temp. Range -5 to 43 C, COP 3.8 to 4.

Why Water Design Technologies for Heat Pump?

We skillfully combine an environmentally conscious mindset with our technology. In addition to our dedication to accuracy and performance, we also care about the environment.

However, we’re pleased to incorporate the knowledge of Nova Solar Italy into our heat pump systems.

Together with Water Design Technologies, Nova Solar Italy a name for quality in the heat pump business brings you unrivaled dependability and quality.

It’s everything about a sustainable, economical, and energy-efficient approach, not just about heating.

Not only do our products breakthrough industry norms, but they also set new standards for efficiency and ease of use.


Product Capacity

1000 Ltr to 50000 Ltr

Product Ideal For

Hotel,Hospital,Hostel and Bungalow.

Product Warranty

1 Year

Product Features

Copeland scroll compressor, R417 A refrigerant, Multi function digital control panel, Liquid ceramic coated steel inner tank with SS 304 heat exchanger, Emerson expansion valve, Wilo circulation pump, High efficiency heat exchanger, Indirect heating.

Product Color

Silver grey